Friday, July 29, 2011

Religion, Part One: Introduction

Being raised in a highly religious family, I have fairly strong religious views. Instead of piety, however, I am strong in my disbelief in a deity. I became an atheist around the age of 12 when I started seeing that what my church told me and what my science teacher told me conflicted. The scientific arguments made a lot more sense to me.

In my next two posts, I will be explaining my disbelief in two different "theories" of a god existing. I understand that there are many different possibilities here, but I think the two that I have chosen are the most popular and the most compelling. I also understand that my arguments will most likely useless to those of you who have been religious their entire lives. I only hope that my arguments will be a good read for atheists, and a good foundation for people who are questioning their religious beliefs.

The types of gods that I will be arguing against in my next two posts will be: the personal, singular god of Christianity; and, the impersonal, abstract god of Spinoza's philosophies. Monotheism seems to be the most highly accepted concept among the sheep, and I could not cover polytheism without being redundant anyways.

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